PS4 PRO is actually worse than the original PS4?!

Is not actually like it’s completely worse than the original but there are some areas where it does under perform.

PlayStation 4 Pro was supposed to be the “upgraded”or as we would call it today the “definitive” edition of the already existing console. If you take a look at a Pro version of PS4 you will notice that it’s larger than the original and in my honest opinion it is also uglier. The gloss finish is no longer present and the touch sensitive buttons have been replaced with standard once that require you to actually press them.

Blu-ray has also been removed. While it is true that physical media is dying and is no longer necessary, Blu-ray was a nice addition to the PlayStation and it was what set it apart from the Xbox crowd.

On the upper hand the controller does look better than the previous version mostly due to the addition of a blue lights on top of it. The light is not aggressive and will not tire your eyes should you play in the dark but will make the entire thing look more expensive and glamorous.

None of that is actually that important. What’s important is that PlayStation 4 Pro has twice the graphical potential of its predecessor as well as increased RAM and CPU power. It supports 4 K gaming and that’s pretty much its main function. It was meant to provide unparalleled experience in terms of graphical fidelity and was to further enhance already beautiful looking PlayStation 4 games.

Unfortunately that’s not always the case. In some games the Pro version is actually under performing compared to the original console. Users have reported a drop instead of increase in frame rate and some of the games are looking weird. Whether it’s lightning or shadows or simply some weird elements that kind off stick out from the rest of the game. It goes without saying that users are not exactly satisfied with this product. It turns out that something that was supposed to improve and enhance the users experience is actually making it worse than it was in the first place.

To be fair, this is not happening in every game, not even the majority of them but it is still happening nonetheless when it shouldn’t. Not by any means. I believe that most users will still option for the regular version of PlayStation 4 rather than paying extra money for something that’s not exactly an improvement. I can say with utmost certainty that I will rather play on the original thing than gamble with the unforeseen consequences of PlayStation 4.

So if you’re thinking about buying this newly released console, think about it a little bit more and see if it truly is worth the extra money for you.


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