Pokemon Sun & Moon tips and tricks for new players!

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I if you know but I’m a long-term Pokémon game fan. To be perfectly clear, I don’t really like the anime and I never watched much of it, only enough to realize that it’s really not for me. However when it comes to Pokémon games, those are some of my favorite games ever. It goes without saying that I’m super excited about new Sun & Moon game for the Nintendo 3DS.

I realize that most of the people are familiar with the game by now but at the same time it is only natural that the release will have a couple of newcomers as well. If your newcomer and have never played a Pokémon game before, these tips and tricks are exactly what you need to make you prepared for what’s to come.


5 Zygarde

When exploring the world, you may run up to strange, little green creatures. You’d be wise to collect these they are Zygarde cells and will come in handy later in the game. They will allow you to “construct” Zygarde which is a very powerful Pokémon with a lot of flexibility.


4 Get Oricorio

This innocent looking bird is actually one of the best Pokémon you can get. It is fairly easy to get a hold of one of these and they might not seem like that much bigger deal to you at first glance. The trick here is to feed it with a specific kind of nectar that will alter its properties as well as its appearance making it one of the most versatile Pokémon’s that you can have. Super useful!


3 Scan QR Codes!

This is something you need to take advantage of! Every time you scan a QR code you will get an info on where to find a certain type Pokémon and not only that, every 10 codes that you scan will spawn a super rare kind of Pokémon that you can not get any other way. Is also worth mentioning that the secret Pokémon will remain in the world only for one hour and you’d be wise to try and catch them during that time.


2 Free Ultra Ball x10 and Rare Candy

Righ after you’ve completed the first area and are headed for the Pokémon trainer school you will come across a camera shop. After completing it, if you have 10 different kinds of Pokémon at that time the owner of the shop will give you 10 completely free ultra balls. This is very handy to have early in the game.

Also in the Pokémon care screen, you may feed your Pokémon with beans in order to heal them. Do this 20 times before you come across the coffee shop guy in the very first Poké center he will grant you with rare candy which is useful because it helps you level up your Pokémon.


1 Play at the different times of the day

In-game clock is based on your 3DS real-world clock. Playing at night significantly differs from playing during the day. There are certain Pokémon and game mechanics that will only work and appear during a specific time of the day. Try to play at all the different times that you can in order to maximize your gameplay experience and ultimately become the number 1 trainer.


Hopefully this will help a lot of new players with all the initial confusion and set them on the right path. I will be listing anymore tips and tricks because there is some pleasure and joy in finding out some of these things yourself so, go out there and play!



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