Counter Strike; Global Offensive introduces custom gloves skins!

If you thought how Counter Strike; Global Offensive can get more about micro-transactions in game then think again. Following the latest patch the players will now be able to customize their gloves and the way they appear in game. This is a new trend that’s gonna replace the knives and possibly even surpass them when it comes to pricing.


The knives were a thing for a extended period of time and were pricey because no matter what character you’re playing and what weapon you’re using you will always be able to brandish your fancy $300 dollar skin for everybody else to see and envy you. Now think about it, knife is only visible when your melee weapons equipped which, let’s face it doesn’t really happen that often.

In most cases it is really happen ever unless your trying to get somewhere faster than your opponent which usually happens at the beginning of the game. If those cans were priced as high as 300 American dollars for something that you get to see for a couple of seconds each round, then think about just how insanely pricey gloves may get.

Gloves are the item constantly being shown for as long as you play the game. You see them while aiming and shooting your weapon as well as while brandishing your $300 knife. For these reasons I expect these to be insanely expensive and promoted around every corner by pro players.


Now the update would like us to think that it’s not all about gloves because apparently, some levels like de_dust2 have been re-worked a little and by re-worked I mean that some objects have been removed from the game world. Apparently some bugs have been fixed in Dust2 of the most notable change will be the absence of barrels in front of the B site which were apparently a pain in the ass for some Players. On top of that, Train will also receive some minor tweaks to help out even the odds for both Terrorists and Counter Terrorists on that map.

It is also said that the bugs where diffuse kits would be, rendered irretrievable while they were underwater would no longer appear game.

The update is aptly named “Glove case” do to the addition of glove cases that are going to appear after the update goes live so now you will be not chasing only for insanely priced knives but also if you have despair another $300 for re-texture, you will now be able to buy yourself some fancy digital gloves.

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