Survived another Black Friday! Kinda…

Ah, The Black Friday…

There is no other day in the year that I have such a mixed feelings for. There are times when I absolutely love it and wish for it to hurry up and arrive. On the other hand there are times when I simply want it to go away already! We all know what this means and where all of this is coming from.

This “tradition” that was originally popular only in the United States has recently swept throughout the world infecting everybody with the Black Friday fever. I think everybody can feel its influence and see its footprints and consequences all around us, especially in the wallets, right where the money used to be 🙂


Can’t help but feel that the Black Friday is especially hard on gamers. All of us that purchase video games regularly to play new titles know just how many games one can wish for. Fortunately for us all of the game retailers and all of their online shops are doing fantastic work of making those games affordable by anyone. But, is this truly that good of a thing? Unmistakably, this is a great thing. It is a great way for everybody to purchase, play and enjoy new and old video games that they didn’t have the chance to do to games being overpriced. However, I would be lying if I said that there are no downsides to The Black Friday.

You see, we’re only human after all and it is in our nature to wish for cool things and to want to own everything we considered to be a cool thing. I bet my life that there is no gamer out there who is completely satisfied after he purchases a game and feels like there’s absolutely no need to buy another one even though he knows that he’s not going to play both of the games at the same time. I personally used to buy a couple of games on every sale because I thought that I’m going to play them eventually. While this is usually the case, I ended up with a library with over 30 games that I actually never even ran once because, here’s how it goes:

You get the game you want and you have it for life. You are aware of the fact that you have this game and that it’s not going anywhere, you can play it whenever you want. Along the road while playing one of the games you bought you see another game that automatically looks more tempting to you simply because of the fact that you do not own it, yet…

So you buy another one, adding up to a pile of the games you already own but don’t play. What happens next is that you probably finish the game you start playing some time ago and instead of playing the games you bought together with it, you will probably option for the latest game you purchase because that seems like the best thing to do and you’re probably craving for that game more than for the rest of them simply because it’s newer. At least this is the case for me and some of the people that I know.

This left us with a bunch of games that we haven’t played yet, the time is ticking away and the next sale is approaching so we’re probably going to buy another game that looks like a good deal at that point, even though we already have a lot of games that we really want to play. This keeps going on and on until the next Black Friday kicks in when we realize that our computer could use an upgrade. There is no better time to upgrade a computer that on Black Friday. So naturally, we just cash out a couple of hundred dollars to upgrade our existing system in order for it to run current games as best as possible. Perhaps we’ll even get a next-generation controller or a fence set of headphones or microphone because why not, it’s discounted a lot.

Now we have a new computer and a lot of older games that we can play but the thing is, we wants to see all of that money invested into new hardware puts to some use. And then we eventually look for some brand-new titles that would put our computer to test. This way, all those games purchased on the last sale are slowly sliding into oblivion (speaking of Oblivion, I purchased it like 7 years ago and still haven’t finished it due to an increasing amount of titles in my library that I want to play).


And this is the thing that’s been going on for quite a while yet, not this year! I can proudly say that during this Black Friday I spent less than $50 American dollars overall for computer stuff and video games altogether!

Some of you might think that it’s still a spent $50 but I say it’s a wonderful and a truly surprising thing that I haven’t spent much more during this year’s Black Friday sale considering how it’s been all over the Internet, not just Steam. Now add the amount of awesome games released throughout this year that actually wanted to play and you’ll see that I’ve actually spent the minimum during this year sale. Very proud of myself to tell you the truth 😀


And for the reason stated above I feel proud about not spending too much money and being able to rationally think over it and realize how I don’t really need all those games in my library at this moment, I like to personally congratulate everybody who managed not to spend too much money during this holiday sale. Congratulations to, savor the moment and the feeling because next time you might not be so strong-willed when Lord Gaben and the rest of the crew hit us with their artillery!

And to try and make at least some sense out of this meaningless wall of text, here’s a well hidden UbiSoft giveaway that will last throughout 30 days.


PS4 PRO is actually worse than the original PS4?!

Is not actually like it’s completely worse than the original but there are some areas where it does under perform.

PlayStation 4 Pro was supposed to be the “upgraded”or as we would call it today the “definitive” edition of the already existing console. If you take a look at a Pro version of PS4 you will notice that it’s larger than the original and in my honest opinion it is also uglier. The gloss finish is no longer present and the touch sensitive buttons have been replaced with standard once that require you to actually press them.

Blu-ray has also been removed. While it is true that physical media is dying and is no longer necessary, Blu-ray was a nice addition to the PlayStation and it was what set it apart from the Xbox crowd.

On the upper hand the controller does look better than the previous version mostly due to the addition of a blue lights on top of it. The light is not aggressive and will not tire your eyes should you play in the dark but will make the entire thing look more expensive and glamorous.

None of that is actually that important. What’s important is that PlayStation 4 Pro has twice the graphical potential of its predecessor as well as increased RAM and CPU power. It supports 4 K gaming and that’s pretty much its main function. It was meant to provide unparalleled experience in terms of graphical fidelity and was to further enhance already beautiful looking PlayStation 4 games.

Unfortunately that’s not always the case. In some games the Pro version is actually under performing compared to the original console. Users have reported a drop instead of increase in frame rate and some of the games are looking weird. Whether it’s lightning or shadows or simply some weird elements that kind off stick out from the rest of the game. It goes without saying that users are not exactly satisfied with this product. It turns out that something that was supposed to improve and enhance the users experience is actually making it worse than it was in the first place.

To be fair, this is not happening in every game, not even the majority of them but it is still happening nonetheless when it shouldn’t. Not by any means. I believe that most users will still option for the regular version of PlayStation 4 rather than paying extra money for something that’s not exactly an improvement. I can say with utmost certainty that I will rather play on the original thing than gamble with the unforeseen consequences of PlayStation 4.

So if you’re thinking about buying this newly released console, think about it a little bit more and see if it truly is worth the extra money for you.


The most refreshing addition to a game in 2016

Here is coming to an end and everybody’s making their game of the year lists and pronouncing their favorite games of the year, which is totally to be expected. I decided to do something different and instead of picking my favorite game for the year pick a couple of features from specific games that I think are the best and the most intimate of features to that kind of a game or to a specific franchise. To make it clear, I’m not saying that the games that are housing these features are necessarily my picks for the favorite game of year 2016 merely their features are what surprised me in a most pleasant way.


First off let’s start with an very long franchise that everybody’s familiar with. The FIFA franchise. This years FIFA17 had a very unique take on storytelling and completely blew our minds. If you’re not a sports game fan or football fan in particular this years addition to FIFA might change the way you look at football games.And if you’re a franchise fan, it’s a good way to take your mind of off the FIFA17 coins and points for a while or, maybe you’ve already discovered that Goalazzo post which was really helpful regarding that manner.

The developer decided to add a very cool and a very alien feature for sports games, the story mod. It’s called The Journey it was absolutely brilliant.

The game let you play as Alex Hunter. Alex is young and skilled football player who is trying to make it into the big game with the big players. You’re getting control of Alex as you play matches, train and interact with people during all kinds of social events. For the duration of The Journey, this otherwise completely football focus game felt like I was playing adventure game with character progression mechanics. It is a must play for every football fan and I recommended even for the people who are not that much into football but still prefer to hear and play through a good story. I really hope we get to see more sports games follow this example and try to offer engaging stories and memorable characters into their future games and if you think it’s not that big of a deal, then you probably haven’t played or saw The Journey. In that case, I recommend you read more about it and see for yourself just how good is FIFA17 The Journey.


Second addition to video games would definitely be One Tamriel update for The Elder Scrolls Online. Now this game has very divided opinions about it. There are people who absolutely love it and there are people who absolutely hated it. To be honest here, the game is a very good MMORPG, very unique one at that and the reason that most people are disappointed with it is because they expected to play Skyrim online which was never an intention of the people who made the game.

The game is your typical MMO with a lot more dynamic combat even though it features arguably the least amount of abilities compared to other massive multiplayer games. But what is the feature that sets it apart and what is the feature that I like the most?

Last big update made the game truly different than the rest. Instead of dividing areas by level, the creators of the game decided to make the areas scale towards the player. What this means is that no matter where you go there will always be challenging enemies for you to battle. You can undertake any quest and group up with anyone if you need help with what you’re doing and you’re both good to be useful to each other no matter the difference of your level. What’s even cooler is the fact that unless you’re a hard-core PvP player who doesn’t ever leave the PvP area, you’ll be able to group up with any player no matter their race in alliance. The update truly justifies its name “One Tamriel” making the entire game feel like one product and not one third of it as it was before. I honestly hope more MMO games considered this approach to open world and alliances.

My last pick for the best addition is not that much gameplay oriented but is still very much video game related. My last pick is about the way the developers are delivering their products to the gamers. This brings me to The Witcher 3. Now I know this is a 2015 game but I would like to focus on Blood and Wine and talk about it specifically. If you’ve played the Witcher 3 then you know just how good this game is and if you haven’t I strongly suggest that you do. If you haven’t played the DLC thinking it’s overpriced or that it doesn’t really have too much of a new content to offer than you’re very wrong.

The thing I like the most about it is the fact that it is pretty much a completely new game. The guys over at the CD Projekt have made an entirely new game and labeled it as a downloadable content. This is something we do not see anymore. I remember how War Craft the Frozen Throne was an expansion, to be fair it was a standalone game but it was still an expansion of an already existing game with a ton of new content based upon the existing game. That’s exactly how Blood and Wine is. It would grade if expansions and the DLC’s of video games today were as good as these two were. Also let’s not forget the fact that the Witcher had 16 completely free downloadable contents that everybody could access if they wanted to. In an era where the most prized things in a video game are skins and additional costumes this was truly an amazing move by these people who made this wonderful game and I honestly hope more and more game developing companies look up to them decide to follow in their footsteps.

Do you like my picks? Do you agree that more video games should take these approaches to these elements and would you also like to see happen? I certainly hope you do because I think that it’s only a matter of time before other companies realize all the potentials of these features and start incorporating them into their own games. We can only wait and see what will happen.

Pokemon Sun & Moon tips and tricks for new players!

Hey guys!

I if you know but I’m a long-term Pokémon game fan. To be perfectly clear, I don’t really like the anime and I never watched much of it, only enough to realize that it’s really not for me. However when it comes to Pokémon games, those are some of my favorite games ever. It goes without saying that I’m super excited about new Sun & Moon game for the Nintendo 3DS.

I realize that most of the people are familiar with the game by now but at the same time it is only natural that the release will have a couple of newcomers as well. If your newcomer and have never played a Pokémon game before, these tips and tricks are exactly what you need to make you prepared for what’s to come.


5 Zygarde

When exploring the world, you may run up to strange, little green creatures. You’d be wise to collect these they are Zygarde cells and will come in handy later in the game. They will allow you to “construct” Zygarde which is a very powerful Pokémon with a lot of flexibility.


4 Get Oricorio

This innocent looking bird is actually one of the best Pokémon you can get. It is fairly easy to get a hold of one of these and they might not seem like that much bigger deal to you at first glance. The trick here is to feed it with a specific kind of nectar that will alter its properties as well as its appearance making it one of the most versatile Pokémon’s that you can have. Super useful!


3 Scan QR Codes!

This is something you need to take advantage of! Every time you scan a QR code you will get an info on where to find a certain type Pokémon and not only that, every 10 codes that you scan will spawn a super rare kind of Pokémon that you can not get any other way. Is also worth mentioning that the secret Pokémon will remain in the world only for one hour and you’d be wise to try and catch them during that time.


2 Free Ultra Ball x10 and Rare Candy

Righ after you’ve completed the first area and are headed for the Pokémon trainer school you will come across a camera shop. After completing it, if you have 10 different kinds of Pokémon at that time the owner of the shop will give you 10 completely free ultra balls. This is very handy to have early in the game.

Also in the Pokémon care screen, you may feed your Pokémon with beans in order to heal them. Do this 20 times before you come across the coffee shop guy in the very first Poké center he will grant you with rare candy which is useful because it helps you level up your Pokémon.


1 Play at the different times of the day

In-game clock is based on your 3DS real-world clock. Playing at night significantly differs from playing during the day. There are certain Pokémon and game mechanics that will only work and appear during a specific time of the day. Try to play at all the different times that you can in order to maximize your gameplay experience and ultimately become the number 1 trainer.


Hopefully this will help a lot of new players with all the initial confusion and set them on the right path. I will be listing anymore tips and tricks because there is some pleasure and joy in finding out some of these things yourself so, go out there and play!



Counter Strike; Global Offensive introduces custom gloves skins!

If you thought how Counter Strike; Global Offensive can get more about micro-transactions in game then think again. Following the latest patch the players will now be able to customize their gloves and the way they appear in game. This is a new trend that’s gonna replace the knives and possibly even surpass them when it comes to pricing.


The knives were a thing for a extended period of time and were pricey because no matter what character you’re playing and what weapon you’re using you will always be able to brandish your fancy $300 dollar skin for everybody else to see and envy you. Now think about it, knife is only visible when your melee weapons equipped which, let’s face it doesn’t really happen that often.

In most cases it is really happen ever unless your trying to get somewhere faster than your opponent which usually happens at the beginning of the game. If those cans were priced as high as 300 American dollars for something that you get to see for a couple of seconds each round, then think about just how insanely pricey gloves may get.

Gloves are the item constantly being shown for as long as you play the game. You see them while aiming and shooting your weapon as well as while brandishing your $300 knife. For these reasons I expect these to be insanely expensive and promoted around every corner by pro players.


Now the update would like us to think that it’s not all about gloves because apparently, some levels like de_dust2 have been re-worked a little and by re-worked I mean that some objects have been removed from the game world. Apparently some bugs have been fixed in Dust2 of the most notable change will be the absence of barrels in front of the B site which were apparently a pain in the ass for some Players. On top of that, Train will also receive some minor tweaks to help out even the odds for both Terrorists and Counter Terrorists on that map.

It is also said that the bugs where diffuse kits would be, rendered irretrievable while they were underwater would no longer appear game.

The update is aptly named “Glove case” do to the addition of glove cases that are going to appear after the update goes live so now you will be not chasing only for insanely priced knives but also if you have despair another $300 for re-texture, you will now be able to buy yourself some fancy digital gloves.